Waste transportation issues? like a one stop process that deals with your business waste promptly, effectively and professionally without the need to wait?  Then call The Moffett Man, ‘cos if anyone can The Moffett Man can’.

With a wealth of experience dealing with moving waste from site to transport successfully, The Moffett Man can manage your expectations through their bespoke material handling service, that delivers a comprehensive transport and loading solution for your business.

Put simply, Moffett Man’s truck mounted forklift is a three-wheeled drive machine that can be carried on the rear of any truck or trailer-minimising load space-from which it can be dismounted with ease to begin transporting goods to and from.



Agile, light and able to combat inaccessible areas heavier traditional fork lifts are unable to handle, The Moffett Man achieves faster results that in-turn provides your business with a cost-effective alternative.

The Moffett Man can truly go anywhere. Whatever the terrain, building layout or yard size, it has the capability to manoeuver around with an impressive load size capacity.

With a Moffett Man model range that includes specialist machines that handle material waste for the food and drink industry, shopping centres and any commercial or industrial usage, The Moffett Man is definitely the solution to your waste disposal needs.

Don’t hesitate. Call The Moffett Man-‘cos if anyone can The Moffett Man can’.

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