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My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela Download Free Torrent

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My Talking Angela

Cats are beautiful and all, but they can be annoying. Their fur is everywhere, they always meow for food, and they like to dig their claws into the chest during sleep.

Angela tells me all the advantages of having put the real cat, no baggage you. virtualnadomashnya this game in the same spirit aa “said My Tom,” where you can feed, care for, educate, dress and play with brazen star Talking Angela, Angela and Tom Loves Angela Valentine.

KoshachiyPorezvitsya with Angela

severalattitude MoyiyRozmovnoyi Angela, allowing you to interact with it in several ways. The element of “rhithwiranifeiliaid pet” game features the usual format: petted, shower room and Angela in bed. These parts are doing well, but it lacks the original, and it tilkystilky all you can do before you get bored.

Fortunately, in “My Angeli said” many eraillpethau. Three mini-games fun: Brick Breaker, Suitcase tower and small puzzle (where you must gatherTetris-style pieces to pomistytysyana net). Easy pick up and play games, and they are very addictive, although it comes with the fact that your progress will be saved when you leave the game.

Interestingly arallFy Talking Angela – a label that you can unlock, or by aligning zavdannya.Kozhen pack package contains a number of labels, which you then put in nakleykualbom virtual. You can even sell stickers with other players around the world. This is a unique aspect of the game’s great acyn willmake you come back again and again.

Oneof features of “My Angela says” that should appeal to young girls, in particular, is able to dress Angela and remodeling its environment. You can change her clothes and buying new furniture to newidolygfa. Clothing items can be purchased using ihrovuvalyutu you earn by collecting mini-games Angela, or by buying.

As Talking Angela (and, in fact, the entire back catalog Outfit 7 «Talking»), you can get Angela to repeat what you sayinto the microphone, and uchelllais sweet cat. video screen recording and sharing takozhmozhlyvo you get with Angela.

Cheerful family fun

Angela tells me very easy to play, making it ideal for younger children even. All chastiMenyudodatky different clarified when you use my first ddaddechrau Talking Angela, a mini-game controls are very simple, and the menu large and clear.

When you perform certain tasks, objects bounce, citing itsbe used chasyih. For example, when you remove the body Burns, head slightly to show your soul dechrauneidio was time to wash it. This is a subtle but useful way to identify what to do next.

Says my AnzhelySladkiy manirnyy.Rozhevyy design and features very much as part of the color scheme and the very energetic and full of life. Angela expressive and gallwchbarnwr, she felt her eyes and small sounds she creates.

Mini-games and music topped shvydkozastryaye raised.

Purrfect- for some

Angela tells me is definitely not for everyone. Tasks can be monotonous and boring, but gamers who love lotyDeystviy back all tebyger to avoid this.

tymProte for some, especially young children, My Talking Angela makes for a fun and interesting way to learn about the care of pets.

My Talking Angela