Looking for Moffett Haulage in Blackpool


Looking for Moffett Haulage in BlackpoolLooking for Moffett haulage in Blackpool? We hire our unique little fork lift trucks to companies of many descriptions that need a small machine with loads of muscle to remove the recyclable waste to a transport vehicle for responsible disposal. Using the Moffet Man forklift truck will save you time and money as they are quickly and easily dismounted off the truck or trailer. After loading the waste they are then just as easily reloaded to enable it to be on its way in no time at all. Not only is the machine small and agile but it can get into inaccessible areas. Having a machine do the loading saves a great deal of time compared with having to do manual loading with labour and it has the reach and height that people just cannot manage.

If you need an agile and light material handling machine to remove your waste products for recycling in Blackpool, looking for Moffett Haulage will be the solution to your problem. When you consider all the recyclable waste that is generated by industry there is a great need for a machine one can hire for a few hours once a week or once a month. This keep your premises clean and saves tremendous space that would otherwise be taken up with off cuts or other waste material. Industries using paper are finding the Moffett Man a boon to their businesses.

Looking for Moffett haulage in Blackpool? Contact The Moffett Man today and arrange for the hire of one of our machines. Our specialist three wheeled drive vehicles are nifty and can reach places that conventional forklift trucks cannot get to because of space limitations. They have been specially designed to be carried on the rear of a truck or trailer thereby minimising the space which can then be better utilised by waste products. Our Moffett Man truck mounted machines include specialist machines for material handling for the waste from food and drink companies as well as shopping centres.