Moffet Transport in Manchester


Moffett transport in Manchester specialises in waste transport.Their special three-wheeled forklift can be loaded on any truck or trailer and makes transporting of waste easy and efficient. Once the waste has been collected from the waste store by the forklift truck, which can manoeuvre through and around the tightest obstructions and deviations, it can be loaded on a truck to be taken to the waste disposal site. The forklift can also be loaded with the waste and used at the disposal yard to unload the waste quickly saving you time and money. If you have a business that produces a waste product that needs to be removed from your premises, forklifts from Moffett Man are available on contract.

In Manchester, Moffett transport also has specialised vehicles that handle waste from the food and drink industry. Any type of industrial or commercial waste can be moved by The Moffett Man’s machines. With strict health and safety regulations, you cannot afford to have waste pile up to dangerous levels. It can be very expensive and time-consuming to hire staff to manually remove the waste, so a machine to efficiently remove your waste as it is produced is a cost-effective way to run your business.

Moffett transport in Manchester offers contracts to customers who would like to use their machines on a long term basis. Arrangements can be made should you need a one off hire once a month. The machines are easily transported and can be moved from site to site as and when needed should you have more than one area that has waste that needs to be disposed of. Their highly trained staff will be happy to help you choose the type of machine that will be most efficient for the types and sizes of the loads you need removed, and the base of the yard or factory the machine will operate in. There will be a machine perfectly suited to your needs. For more information about Moffett transport, contact The Moffett Man.