Moffett Haulage in Rochdale for Easier, Faster Waste Transport

Moffett Haulage in RochdaleIf you need Moffett haulage in Rochdale, The Moffett Man has you covered. The Moffett is an ingenious solution to loading and offloading trucks. Trucks often transport tonnes of goods and the biggest hurdle is always to load and offload. Most truckers outsource the task to companies that hire out forklifts to meet that specific need. Unfortunately outsourcing the function to an off-site company means loading and offloading is limited. Moreover, the expense of loading and offloading in remote locations is bound to be high. The Moffett is a forklift that travels with the truck. The machine hitches a ride at the back of the semi-trailer where it’s safely secured.

If you are in Rochdale, Moffett haulage has a lot of perks. First, the forklift facilitates loadings and offloading in remote areas. Wherever you go with your truck, you can take the Moffett with you. Inaccessible areas where delivery of a forklift will take time, the Moffett can reach while latched to the back of the truck. Secondly, the Moffett saves time. Instead of waiting for loading and offloading operations to commence upon arrival of forklifts, you can unload your Moffett and start the job. If you are on a time-sensitive transport contract the Moffett is the best solution to load and offload your truck. Furthermore, Moffett haulage is a cost-effective solution since both the Moffett and the truck are always in the same location.

Moffett haulage in Rochdale is an easy solution to loading and offloading. The Moffett can manoeuvre through tight spaces and reach otherwise inaccessible places. It also runs well on uneven surfaces making it an excellent choice for farms and construction sites. Despite the compact size, the Moffett has a large carrying capacity. The forklift can lift loads over 3500kgs making it a safe option for loading and offloading. We supply some of the best Moffett in the business and we can guarantee efficiency. Moreover, we offer affordable services. No matter how big or small the contract we have all the Moffetts you need to get the job done. Contact us today and get excellent services. We do not compromise on quality.