Moffett Hire in Bramhall


Moffett Hire in BramhallWhen you have waste to move, Moffett hire in Bramhall has the machines to make it easy. Our three wheel drive fork lift trucks are designed to fit on the back of a trailer leaving you the entire load bed to fill with your waste products. It may be small but it is very strong and we have a number of different lift attachments to make your task easier. With the use of our machine we make loading and unloading quick and easy saving you time and money.  Your labour costs are dramatically reduced while you can get to many more customers in a day.

If you need agile and light material handling machinery in Bramhall, Moffet hire is just around the corner. The trailer mounted Moffett machine has been designed to get into places other fork lift truck cannot.  They can handle uneven ground and small spaces and are very manoeuvrable. The Moffett fork lift trucks can be mounted on the back of any truck or trailer and can be dismounted with ease.  They can carry a large load for their size and are very reliable. We have a range of models available some of which have been designed especially for the food and drink industry and shopping centre waste.  They can also be used for any commercial or industrial application.

We can assist you with Moffett hire in Bramhall.  Contact The Moffett Man today and arrange for one of our nifty little machines to help you collect waste materials. As a producer of consumables you will have waste products and will need a method of dealing with it. Our Moffett fork lift trucks are a flexible portable delivery system that will speed up your waste material handling and enable you to move more waste quickly and efficiently. Moffett machines are world renown for their efficiency, reliability and can reduce your overhead costs dramatically. When dealing with a waste problem remember ‘if anyone can The Moffett Man can’.