Moffett Hire in Chester, Affordable and Cost Effective for Your Business

Moffett Hire in ChesterIf you make use of Moffett hire in Chester you can significantly increase the versatility of your business. A Moffett is a compact type of forklift truck. A Moffett can be mounted on the back of any truck or trailer. It is a three-wheeled highly manoeuvrable vehicle that can lift loads of more than 3,000 Kg. Since Moffetts can be mounted at the back of your truck, they don’t take up any of your storage space. This allows you to transport your maximum payload with each trip. The main advantage of hiring a Moffett is that it simplifies your logistics. You can load and offload items into your truck without waiting or paying for extra assistance. This significantly increases your delivery options and enables you to work more flexibly and independently.

The Moffett hire business has been thriving in the North West for years. In Chester, Moffett hire makes it easier to move items from the site to your truck and vice versa. The access road from your truck to the specific delivery site may be too narrow for your truck to gain access. It could also be too wet or muddy to bear the weight of your truck. The Moffett can manoeuvre several types of terrain even when loaded. It can also be used to deliver packages to specific locations in your warehouse or project site. This minimises the additional work and resources spent in handling packages.

Our Moffett hire in Chester mainly serves the waste management industry. If you need to dispose of your waste more effectively, you should get a Moffett truck. Our Moffett trucks will give you back control of your business. You will save more time, money and space by hiring one of our Moffetts. If you are interested in learning more about our products and service, contact The Moffett Man today. We can handle several types of waste from industrial and commercial to domestic. They are especially welcome in the food and drink industries.