Moffett Hire in Runcorn

Moffett Hire in RuncornYour food and music festival needs Moffett hire in Runcorn. Indoor and outdoor festivals usually draw a huge crowd. Your main goal may be to promote local youth programmes, area businesses, celebrate the season, craft fair or health education. No matter what the reason or season if you want people to show up there must be food vendors. Most people enjoy a parade for any reason but they’ll likely be eating something while they watch. You can’t wait until the festival is over and everyone leaves to start cleaning up the tonnes of paper food wrappers, discarded food and recyclable aluminium cans, plastic bottles and eating utensils. Unless you want guests up to their ankles in trash you need a Moffett hire to continuously slip through the crowd, loading up overflowing trash bags and bins and hauling them off to a transport vehicle.

Actually, we can supply the trailer to park nearby as the temporary waste disposal site for the Moffett. In Runcorn, Moffett hire is safe, easy and affordable. Just to be clear, a Moffett is an agile little 3-wheel forklift capable of moving through small narrow spaces where standard forklifts can’t. They can be fitted out with various attachments to accommodate the kind of load they’re moving. When not in use, the versatile Moffett easily attaches to the back of the truck or trailer, out of the way. It just as easily disconnects for quick trash runs. Because it fits so easily onto the back of a truck, the Moffett takes up no space within the truck or trailer. Moffetts are all terrain vehicles. Concrete floors, bumpy fields, up and down hills; it doesn’t matter. Moffetts can go just about anywhere.

Moffett hire in Runcorn from The Moffett Man is your most reliable choice. You can count on us for perfectly maintained equipment and fair prices. For the one time festival or parade, it makes sense to hire what you need from us. We can help you figure out the number of Moffett hires you’ll likely need based on your projected attendance. Contact The Moffett Man or pay us a visit and let us demonstrate the versatility and incredible manoeuvrability of these little powerhouse Moffetts. We’ll set you up with the right attachments to get the job done even in tight spaces.