Moffett in Warrington


Moffett in WarringtonWhen you need a Moffett in Warrington, The Moffett Man is where you will find the model that fits your needs and your budget. Whatever the industry there’s a Moffett suited to the transport of goods. Save the backs of your workers and your truck on the construction site. Use any of the range of attachments to handle construction site materials like timber, bricks, glass and even other equipment. Leave your truck safely outside the building site and let the all terrain Moffett maneuver through those tight passageways. Recycling, distribution, agriculture or industrial all have a use for the agile and versatile truck mounted Moffett. When you are looking for the best customer service to hire a Moffett or a Moffett and trailer, call the Moffett Man. He will know just what you need.

Why select a Moffett over other forklifts? There are so many situations that, in Warrington, Moffett makes easier. You can load and unload from any side of the truck. Moffett 4-way models can be independently rotated which means they can go into small areas where other forklifts can’t. Our lightweight Moffits have plenty of power. In fact Moffits power-to-weight ratio is the most efficient in the industry. They mount right on the back of your truck or trailer, unload and start up quickly. Those powered with a lithium battery are quiet with no emissions which is always welcome when working indoors. Moffett’s are work horses indoors or out no matter the terrain. They will carry the load over the hill and through the muddy ditch.

Here at the Moffett Man we have all models and the experience to help you choose the right Moffett in Warrington for your haulage requirements. Count on us to give you exactly what you need at a price that won’t break your budget. Call us or stop in and let us show the capabilities of the various models. Our company comprises professionals who will handle your Moffett Man rental from beginning to end. You can trust us for conscientious customer service. When you rent from us you get incredible rates that help protect your bottom line. There is no large cash layout as with a purchase so you can stay within your budget and still get efficient material moving equipment.