Moffett Rental in Eccles – Affordable, Convenient and Economical

Moffett Rental in Eccles Solve your transportation issues with our value-for-money Moffett rental in Eccles from The Moffett Man. We’re a one-stop service that deals with all your business waste transportation problems. We have extensive experience in dealing with a variety of waste moving issues from site to transport, material handling, loading and transportation. Our truck mounted forklift is a three-wheeled drive vehicle that can be loaded on to the back of any truck or trailer. This minimises the load space from which it can be dismounted. What’s special about Moffett trucks is that it’s agile, light and easy to manoeuvre. No matter what the nature of the terrain, or how limited the access, the Moffett range is capable of handling it. If your forklift is under repair, or you need an extra one at short notice, call us.

For businesses in Eccles, Moffett rental is the perfect solution to minimise purchase and maintenance costs. As a business owner, you may want to consider the various options available in terms of leasing, hire or purchase. There are, no doubt, great advantages in purchasing and owning equipment as compared to renting or leasing. However, when it comes to rental or lease, there are many more pro’s. You need to rent only as and when the project requires it. This means you don’t have to lock up capital that you could use elsewhere, and you save maintenance and housing costs. There is no need for long-term commitment or contracts. We offer short-term rental packages.

If yours is a business with a limited credit, Moffett rental in Eccles is the perfect solution. Your money need not be tied up in depreciating assets. During lean periods, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, repairs, storage and housing. When you rent a Moffett forklift, it helps to simplify your accounting processes. It can be written off as an operational expense that can reduce your taxable income. Contact The Moffett Man for more details. We can help you to get the latest equipment and the most modern technology. If your work-sites are spread across different locations, we can ensure that we deliver the equipment on site.