Moffett Trailer Hire in Altrincham, Convenient and Affordable


Material movers need the Moffett forklift and Moffett trailer hire Altrincham for efficient management of waste. The most obvious uses that require continuous removal of waste in an unobtrusive but quick manner is the food industry. Our small three-wheeled Moffett fork lift is like no other. It is powerful for transporting heavy loads but it’s also agile. It can get in places an ordinary fork truck can’t, like narrow aisles and storage areas. Our Moffett trailer and fork truck hire is an unbeatable combination for large shopping centres, food courts, festivals, concerts and any venue that needs to be continuously kept clean and clear. Our little Moffett can work all day carrying loads of waste to one of our trailers parked nearby but maybe not on site.

Once the trailer is loaded, the Moffett fork truck easily hooks on the rear exterior of the trailer. In Altrincham, Moffett trailer hire is your best choice for reliability, cost and customer service. It’s also a great time saver. Once your trailer is ready to be unloaded, that little Moffett fork lift can be easily slipped off it’s designated holder. It’s immediately ready to go back to work unloading. If your load is food waste it goes to the landfill. If it’s paper goods, then off to the recycling centre with it. If you’re using your Moffett fork truck to load anything for transport from one place to another, count on us to supply your equipment at the lowest possible price. All of our equipment is clean and highly maintained to provide dependable service.

Moffett trailer hire in Altrincham may be part of your ideal solution to transport and loading needs. That’s especially true when time is a factor. We tailor our service to our customers’ needs to maximise efficiency. We even take into consideration the terrain you’ll be working on. Our Moffett forklift is an all-terrain piece of equipment that is light, agile and powerful. Contact The Moffett Man when you need a trailer hire to move goods in a hurry. Our team will see that you are equipped with the equipment, including forklift accessories, designed to move your products. We will oversee your rental from start to finish and guarantee you a smooth transaction.