Moffett Trailer Hire in Preston, the Right Equipment for the Job


Moffett trailer hire in Preston from The Moffett Man is the best option, along with a Moffett forklift, for transporting goods and materials. This is a hard working team because the Moffett forklifts are adaptable to most load size and shape needs. Even in the tightest places, the manoeuvrability is such that the Moffett can go where other forklifts will not fit. It’s agile and easy to operate on most all terrains, including construction sites and crowded festival sites. We have never heard of a job site where efficiency doesn’t matter. It always matters because time is money. That’s why when you choose one of our Moffett forklifts and trailer hire, you are choosing the most cost-effective solution.

Whatever the material, you can load one of our trailers in short order with a Moffett forklift and then snap the lightweight forklift to the back of the trailer. In Preston, Moffett trailer hire is the best way to get the capacity you need. When you get to your disposal site, the Moffett forklift lifts off the back of the trailer with one hand in seconds, ready to unload in a hurry. You can have the trailer unloaded and back to the clear-up site with the Moffett on the back, ready to do it all again. Load from a dock, a construction site, a waste removal site or in and out of a small warehouse. Grocers, restaurants and retailers can move the waste from inside to outside, loaded and out of site to keep stores clear of debris.

Moffett trailer hire in Preston is customer service tailored to your specific needs. We are experts in transport and all types and situations have their own unique issues. We know how to address those issues. We also know you need dependability and cost effectiveness. Our reputation precedes us and it’s one of personal service and reliability. We are here when you need us. When you don’t, you have none of the storage and maintenance costs associated with owning the equipment. Contact The Moffett Man and let us arrange a solution for your material moving needs. We have the right equipment for the job at the right price.