Moffett Trailer in Preston


Moffett Trailer in PrestonYou probably already know The Moffett Man has your forklift hire but you may also need a Moffett Trailer in Preston. This is the way to move a lot of material in a hurry. Pop that versatile Moffett forklift on the back of one of our trailers and park it. Use the Moffett forklift to make fast work of loading all that trash onto the trailer and haul it away for disposal. If you have a business on restaurant row, or a shop on High Street you have trash of all kinds. Some is recyclable like packing boxes and paper goods. Others are organic and can go right to the landfill. We are affiliated with Elsa Recycling and when we bring in a trailer load to their massive recycling facility; they take care of the sorting.

At The Moffett Man, we offer a flexible material handling, loading and transporting service. Our cost effective services, including in Preston, Moffett trailer and forklift will save your business time and money. Our Moffett fork lifts are versatile, can fit tight spaces where other bulky forklifts can’t. They are lightweight but these little power houses can work all day. Once you buy or hire one of our Moffett models you need a trailer to hook it on and we have those for hire at prices that will prove cost effective in both time and labour. The process is quick and simple. You will be amazed at how fast you can unhook the forklift and hook it back on when you’re finished.

When you need a Moffett Trailer in Preston come to us at The Moffett Man, just as you do for your forklift. We have a world of material handling experience and we can help you customise waste removal for your business. Our Moffetts are not just for inside work like malls or warehouses; we have all terrain forklifts that travel your construction site cleaning up debris, loading it on the trailer and hauling it out of there. Contact us for help with your waste material handling problem and we will show you the solution that will make you wonder why you ever considered any other option. Efficient, money saving, flexible Moffett forklifts and trailers is your solution long term or short. It’s all designed around your needs.