Moffett Transport in Widnes

Moffett Transport in WidnesWhen your business needs Moffett transport in Widnes, call The Moffett Man. There are material handling companies who are still using manual labour to unload trucks and transport the goods into the warehouse. Employees at restaurants, malls and fast food joints are dragging trash away from the service area one bag at a time and somebody manually loads all of it onto a waste removal truck. Delivery efficiency is poor because receivers lack efficient offloading devices. It all takes a bite out of profits. The solution is our Moffett 3-wheel forklift. Moffetts are not new equipment. They have been around for forty-five years. Some think they are one of the hardest working, most versatile pieces of equipment for material handling available.

The Moffett is a sensible solution because it is light enough to be carried on the back of most trucks without taking up load space. For truck drivers in Widnes, Moffett transport can be mounted or dismounted by one man in less than one minute. The mounting kit on which the Moffett is carried is easily installed on vehicles. There is no time lost at pick up or delivery locations because this little machine can do everything an ordinary forklift can do in less space and across all terrain where large machines dare not go. That includes major construction sites where the ground is churned up with hills, valleys and water.

Why would any company work without Moffett transport in Widnes? They probably have not consulted with The Moffett Man. We stock a wide range of models and specialised attachments for any type of material handling. If you don’t want to invest working capital in new equipment, we understand that. Our Moffett rental service is a cost effective way for businesses to work more efficiently, which increases profits. Contact The Moffett Man for Moffett transport and find the best machine, attachments and rental terms to fit your needs. Your rental transaction will be smooth and straightforward. When we demonstrate the benefits of a Moffett, you will see for yourself how easily they get the job done.