Password Vault Manager Enterprise v8 x64-x86 Download Torrent

Password Vault Manager Enterprise v8

Password Vault Manager Enterprise v8 x64-x86 Download Torrent

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Password Vault Manager Enterprise v8

Password Vault Manager Enterprise – Full


Password Vault Manager Enterprise – Complete, Password Vault Manager enables you and your team to centralize institutions passwords and qualifications in a secure database. and access rights management diogelwchmynediad, reduce calls to help desk support and enhance network security, producing a strong and unique passwords alone. Password Vault Manager is your all-in-one to streamline management lozinka.Stop wasting time gwellaesquecidocontrasinaisand enjoy the most intuitive dashboard and adjust the industry.


password manager

Our application integration algorithm Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to protect your local files and your confidential data in the database ddata.Mae mixture of ourselves and master password private key (password) used to create a strong encryption (256-bit key ).

This figure is considered very safe. AES / Rijndael to force the federal government as a standard approved by the NacionalAxencia Security Agency (NSA)for classified information.

Integrating web browser

automatically fill in web forms

extension browser (Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Firefox)

Passwords import more programs

Already using a password management tool? Do not worry, you can easily import eucymwysterau.

Now supports a wide range of alatkilozinka as follows:


AES Password Manager

Aurora Password Manager





agent password





A better way to organize your information confidential

Cool, organize all your confidential data aCadwch to provide access to certain people – and keep them all locked out!

Have a built-in support for:

Qualifications (username and password)

informaciiso credit card

banking information

Alarm codes for you and your team

meddalweddallweddi license / serials

email account information

texts and other documents

In addition, the spread of accessory boxonpermite Vault Password Manager to meet your unique needs.

document manager

You may want to use the data source CyfrinairMae managers with a stick as a central data warehouse for storing and organizing full information about their customers and / or nivnitemashini.

If so, you can take advantage of the function of setting and adds a lot of different types of files allanolmegis

network diagrams



Incident reports support

Frequently Asked Questions

And yet …

filesone linked to the security access ecomparten session.

contact management

Organize your personal or business contacts

links link to presennolcofnodion

VCF or import contacts from Outlook

Entries sharing data across povekjekorisnici

The Enterprise Edition is ideal for when you need or want to share your knowledge with colleagues and other team members.

SQL Server database using the source, or server pool ddataDewiswch Select line, theapplication works effectively and safely in an increasingly usuario.Ademais, with specific access options, each user can (if desired) applies to qualifications override the default settings.

There are also many other features felsesiynau audit trails that make network management more efficient operations teams Help Center supports internal IT to be more efficient and more.

Support for advanced data source

XML data sources as well as, theMicrosoft Access, which are included in the safonArgraffiad, Enterprise Edition provides maiorfontes data alternatives, including:

Amazon S3 hold



Database forms online (DODB)

Forms server (DVLS)



In addition, SQL Server, and data source EMDR DVLS includes many advanced features such as user management, support for attachments, registration desk and offline connection. It is also well suited for multi-user environments that require funddata safe and reliable.

Database log on

Advanced data source keeps track of all input and operating instructions realizadanunhagwybodaeth directly in the central database. ovavkluchuva change, delete or view a record.

Using the available tools, administrators can monitor, verify and analyze time spent by employees of a particular customer, or a separate machine. hwnddefnyddiol to produce timesheets for billing, management and auditing.

Encryption federal government approval

chatintegrated Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm (AES) to provide your confidential data and where dearquivos your database. A cymysgeddein own private key and master password (password) used to create a strong encryption (256-bit key).

This figure is considered very safe. AES / Rijndael effect as a standard federal government and approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for classified information.

Powerful and flexible adapters

Attachments and UI customization

The user interfaceNew interface with ribbon

List of wood with support columns (Host, description, username)

color settings tab page

Sessions grouped into folders

slain make it easier to manage, Password Vault Manager lets you organize your applications into groups (folders). Then you can easily see all the records in the groups and subgroups selected, and to find a group (s) to use a specific search filter.

notwithstanding, you can easily move groups and records by dragging and dropping. you canalso open multiple inputs at once, izbiranjegrupa.

Quick access from the tray context menu

Suitable icon usarbandexa menu:

Access and manage their records

active source Newiddata

a model for the creation and use

Password Vault Manager provides a mechanism for local model shared. A model containing a subset of information that can be used in the application to simplify management.

The models can be used for:

Quick list of add mathcysylltiadConnect

Add new data zapisizvor with default settings

Take a few sessions (the wizard or list), the type of input estándarvalores

series devices

Over time, it can include the data source is not increased so far ynMae’n few adjustments taking session. Here’s where password managers vault batch editing feature so useful!

By arranging series, global changes are made within seconds. The application simply asks you to change the number of locations at the same time, desired.This method is much faster to changes in the one-of-session time. It also improves the quality and accuracy in several sessions.

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Password Vault Manager Enterprise v8