Moffet Hire in Oldham


Moffet Hire in OldhamMoffet hire in Oldham will speed up the collection of waste material. Our small but immensely strong fork lift trucks are manufactured to fit on the back of the truck or trailer.  The space on the truck is therefore never limited by the fork lift truck. Although smaller than conventional fork lift trucks, our three-wheeled marvels are able to handle the most remarkable loads. Our fork lift trucks can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  We will fit in with your needs. Our machines save you the cost of extra manual labour and the difficulty of having to keep the goods in small manageable units.

When you need help in Oldham, Moffett hire is available to help complete the job efficiently and quickly. Why not use the most suitable fork lift truck to move the material you have collected? When you arrive at a collection site the machine is taken off the back of the truck or trailer.  It then quickly and effortlessly collects the waste and loads it into the truck.  Within a short period of time, the machine is once again on the back of the truck and you can move to the next collection site.  Our agile little fork lift truck can get into areas that a conventional forklift will find too small.  This allows it to access even the most difficult to reach places.  They can go anywhere, on any terrain.

Moffet hire in Oldham is a saving in both time and money.  Contact The Moffett Man today and book your handy fork lift truck. We have machines for all types of waste collection and by managing waste material handling you can maximise your profits and cut down on time.  Our machines can be configured to suit different types of waste.  The forks can be changed to handle various loading methods.  We have forks for pallets or skips or boxes.  However, your waste material is packed we have the perfect machine to ensure there is no time wasted collecting it.