Moffett Hire in Bolton

Moffett Hire in BoltonMake sure your waste or goods transportation goes smoothly with Moffett hire in Bolton. The Moffett Man has a wealth of experience in moving a diverse range of materials from site to transport in the most effective way. Our truck mounted forklift can be hired for this purpose. It is a three wheel drive machine that can be hauled at the back of any truck or trailer and unloaded at your site. From here, you can easily transport the necessary materials according to your convenience. This machine is very light, maneuverable and easy to handle, making your project move along swiftly without any interruptions or glitches. Whatever the nature of the terrain or the access, our vehicle can enter and leave easily. Our Moffett Man range is used by a wide variety of clients from the beverage and food industries, retailers, shopping centres, commercial or industrial firms.

Moffetts are special trailer mounted forklifts that offer one of the most convenient and flexible portable delivery systems currently available in the market. In Bolton, Moffett hire can handle any size of load. Hiring these vehicles can be an asset to your business because you don’t have to lock up your capital, spend money on insurance, maintenance and repairs and also find that the value gets rapidly depreciated over time. The Moffett Man has an impressive fleet of models that can be used to transport goods and waste safely and quickly. We can lease our vehicles to you on a long or short term basis, according to your needs, preferences and budget. Our Moffetts can be made more functional with the use of special attachments. If you need additional manpower, our experienced technicians and operators are available to help you.

With Moffett hire in Bolton, you can simply load the Moffett on to the back of any trailer or truck and transport it to your site. Since it’s space-saving, it doesn’t hog all the space in your vehicle. Once the job is complete, you can transport the Moffett and other materials back. For more information about our Moffett hire, contact The Moffett Man.  Moffetts meet all trailer regulations, they’re easy to mount and dismount, detach and deploy with load-carrying capacity of 8000 lbs.