Moffett Hire in Preston, Ideal for Both Long Term and Short Term Hire


Moffett Hire in PrestonMoffett hire in Preston is available from The Moffett Man for short term and long-term agreements. We want you to know that, whatever industry you work in, a Moffett will make your job easier and more efficient. Waste disposal in so many different types of environments is fast with a Moffett because it can go where other forklifts can’t go. Moffetts are small but powerful with an agility beyond compare. So no matter how tight the workspace, your Moffett can get in, around and out again. Outdoor festivals filled with people, indoor shopping malls with food courts, and the crowded confines of city restaurant work areas are all accessible to the Moffett.  When the waste has been moved to the truck, the Moffett hooks right on the back for the ride to a disposal or recycling site. Once there, the Moffett is unhooked and operational within one minute.

The combination of Moffett efficiency and capability is a beautiful thing to watch. Whatever your material removal tasks involve in Preston, Moffett hire should be included in your plans.  Construction sites are generally scattered with tools, machinery and materials as tradesmen manage their individual tasks. A small three-wheeled Moffett can handle the transport of large amounts of materials safely through such mine fields to where it’s needed. And, it’s fast. Farms and distribution operations can be just as busy with workers, materials and equipment squeezed into small work areas. A Moffett, fitted with just the right attachments, will put the load right where you want it either on the truck or on your work site. Save your manpower energy and put a Moffett to work alongside them.

For your Moffett hire in Preston, we offer a broad range of models with specialised attachments for waste removal for the commercial or industrial use. We also make available trailers for hire. Simply park the trailer nearby, pop the Moffett off the back and start loading. We are affiliated with Elsa Recycling so your recyclable waste will be quickly handled from even the most difficult to manoeuvre places.  Contact The Moffett Man for more information about how Moffett hire can be the solution to your waste removal problem. We focus on customer service and satisfaction, so you’ll find us easy to work with. Moffett hire is so cost effective because it frees up manpower.