Moffett Hire in Widnes


Moffett Hire in WidnesFestivals and concerts call for Moffett hire in Widnes, especially for outdoor venues. Brightly coloured tents and booths welcome visitors with massive amounts of paper promotional items. There’s a barrel of cooling water bottles at every turn creating an abundance of empty plastic bottles. Discarded or lost plastic souvenirs and deflated balloons dot the landscape like confetti. Then there’s the food booths. Whether it’s a local neighbourhood festival, a town wide celebration or faire or a music concert, the food booths are lined up like train cars with everything imaginable served on a stick, wrapped in paper or served up in paper or plastic cups. Waste skips are plentiful but still overflowing. You need The Moffett Man to keep up with this mess.

Thousands of tons of waste is generated by festivals each year in the UK. In Widnes, Moffett hire will help you stay ahead of the trash deluge. Our small, agile fork trucks can haul a lot of waste from site to transport truck. We also have transport trucks for hire if needed. It’s the only way to keep the area reasonably clean during the festival. The Moffett is lightweight and attaches to the back of the transport truck. During festivals, it can be stored on the back of the truck until needed, but that doesn’t happen much. This little machine is usually moving all day long. It’s up to the challenge. Most festivals need more than one Moffett but they’re small and quiet and don’t interfere or pose a safety risk for festival goers. Most go about their job unnoticed.

We offer Moffett hire in Widnes for all manner of outdoor and indoor venues. In general, about 50% of the trash from festivals is recycled but the goal is always higher. Working with our sister company, Elsa Recycling, we are able to keep mountains of recyclable paper and plastic products out of landfills. Festival promoters can help by choosing designated recycling skips strategically located next to food waste skips. Post recycling reminders throughout the venue. If you’re planning a party for ten thousand guests contact The Moffett Man and hire the hardest working mechanical clean-up crew, Moffett fork lifts. We’ll make short work of that vast wasteland of debris that appears with the rising of the Sunday morning sun.