Moffett Trailer Hire in Salford

Moffett Trailer Hire in SalfordOur reliable and dependable Moffett trailer hire in Salford is the place you can hire a trailer suitable for any forklift truck. There are times when you will need to take your forklift truck with you to a customer who does not have unloading equipment.  This could mean your vehicle spending hours stationary and not earning anything or you can use a moffett trailer and your own forklift truck to unload the goods.  Not only will you save an enormous amount of time but your client will be very satisfied with the result.  There are different options for forklift truck trailers and our experienced and helpful staff will aid you in choosing the right one to suit your very specific requirements. We are very proud of our staffs extensive knowledge and experience and trust them to make the right decision every time.

When you need a vehicle to help you move a forklift truck in Salford, Moffett trailer hire can provide a very useful sized option. All you need to do is let our competent staff know what sort of goods you will be carrying and how big the load is and they will match you up to a trailer that can fit the goods and the forklift truck on it.  The trailers have been especially designed to transport goods as well as forklift trucks. This is very handy when it comes to delivering items to a large range of customers.  Some will have material handling equipment and others will not.

Our well known Moffett trailer hire in Salford is the perfect solution to material handling problems.  Contact The Moffett Man today and enquire about our trailer hire. You will find that the savings you make on deliveries and collection more than easily pays for the hire of the truck trailer. Moffett Hire is a saving in time and money.  We have machines for all types of waste collection and waste material handling. Our machines can be configured to suit different types of waste.  The forks can be changed to handle various loading methods.  We have forks for pallets or skips or boxes.