Moffett Hire in Wigan


Moffett Hire in WiganMoffett hire in Wigan will make your material handling tasks much easier. These little forklifts are truly todays version of the “the little engine that could”. It is small and lightweight and mounts easily on the back of a truck. Yet, the weight load they can handle is impressive. Moffett fork lifts can reach surprising heights. At the same time, they are so flexible they can get in places other fork lifts cannot.  There may be exceptional benefits for your material handling company to hire a Moffett. You can load the transport truck directly from your warehouse. Then mount the forklift on the truck so you can unload at the receiving end. It is a cost effective way to move material along and provide excellent customer service. By hiring a Moffett from The Moffett Man, there are no large up-front cash outlays.

There is an electric Moffett that is a quiet little machine that slips through the back isles of shopping malls and restaurants. In Wigan, Moffett hire is used to move the steady stream of trash that accumulates throughout the day. It then loads the trash on the truck that will haul it away. Before the trucks leaves, the powerful forklift anchors to the back of the truck. That way it is ready to unload once the destination is reached. This Moffett is ideal where noise pollution is prohibited and in closed areas where diesel fumes would be undesirable.

Moffett hire in Wigan from The Moffett Man is the perfect material handling solution for so many uses. It can even handle rough terrain. When you see flood waters rising, you want a Moffett forklift hauling sandbags from the filling site onto the transport and from there to the flood risk location. Think about your material handling needs. Then contact The Moffett Man for Moffett hire. He can help you choose the right machine and the best lease terms for your company. There are specialist machines and attachments for a variety of uses. Whatever issues your company has with loading and transport, the Moffett Man has the solution.