Moffett Rental in Worsley – Affordable and Convenient – an Ideal Choice


Moffett Rental in Worsley Moffett rental in Worsley is an economic way of moving your recyclable waste. The innovative Moffett fork lift trucks are built to fit on the outside of a truck or trailer.  This then allows you to carry a complete load without the fork lift truck taking up any space.  Your load can be quickly lifted onto the truck and when you get to the recycling yard it can be equally quickly off loaded.  When you are collecting waste from many different places,  it helps to have some muscle.  Relying on workmen to load the waste is time consuming and takes them away from their work.

When you need waste transported for recycling in Worsley, Moffett rental will save you both time and money. The fork lift trucks are small, relatively light and very manoeuvrable.  They’ll fit on the outside of most trucks and trailers.  It is quick and easy to remove the fork lift truck and to replace it, thus saving you time and money.  We can hire the fork lift truck along with a trailer which will make your collections easier.  The machines are suited to all terrains and can perform even in the roughest of conditions.  Faster and more nimble than any other fork lift truck they are ideal when you have a large number of collections to get through.

You will find that Moffett rental in Worsley is affordable. Our prices include the entire service, from the moment you give us a ring, right until your project is complete. Not only are our prices cost-effective, but you’ll find that our service is excellent. We can provide a hire service for shopping centres who would like to recycle waste. Contact The Moffett Man today to arrange a fork lift truck for your next waste collection.  You will find that hiring the fork lift truck is easy and you only use it for a short time unless you have many places to collect from.  There are many different configurations of forks to help you better manage the waste.  Recycling your waste is the best way to reuse many different items.