Reliable and Affordable Moffett Hire in Stretford


Moffett Hire in StretfordOur affordable Moffett hire in Stretford provides big savings and amazing convenience. At The Moffett Man, we’re glad to help you with all your loading and transportation issues. You can say goodbye to all your waste transportation issues because like we say, “’cos if anyone can, The Moffett Man can!” The truck-mounted forklift is a great combo that’s easy to manoeuvre, operate and transport to your site. What’s also special about this vehicle is that designed the way it is, it gives easy entry into tight spaces that traditional forklifts can’t access. Whatever the nature of the terrain, yard or building, you’ll find it easier to get in and out of with the Moffett. This vehicle also allows greater flexibility with load size and capacity.

For business owners in Stretford, Moffett hire is a smart way to manage your cash flow. You don’t have to lock up capital in a depreciating asset. Owning a trailer or forklift also means you have to think about safe storage space, maintenance and repair charges. Hiring, whether for long or short term, also means you get a well-maintained, relatively new model every time. Our range includes specialist machines that can handle material waste for different industries such as the food and beverage sector, shopping malls, commercial and industrial facilities. Let us assist you with your requirements.

Moffett hire in Stretford is a boon to local industries and smaller businesses that find it difficult to purchase and maintain their own fleet. First introduced by the Finnish company HIAB, Moffetts are a huge part of the industrial landscape in most developed countries around the globe. Contact The Moffett Man for more information on these amazing vehicles. We have the qualifications, credentials and experience to meet your expectations. Forklifts have been around for more than a century. The early models were manually powered hoists. They were used to lift loads in factories and in the construction industry. Manpower shortage during wartime led to research and the development of automated processes.