Moffett Trailer in Liverpool


Moffett Trailer in LiverpoolForklifts have so many benefits, and a Moffett trailer in Liverpool in its different forms is perfect for those customers who don’t have a forklift on site. At The Moffett Man, we offer flexible truck mounted forklift hire, giving you the chance to test out our truck mounted forklifts before you decide to buy your own. We have a range of truck mounted forklifts for hire that can reach all those inaccessible areas that other heavier fork lifts can’t reach. Whatever the terrain, our Moffett trailer can manoeuver around. Our range of models includes specialist machines that handle material waste for the food and drink industry as well as for any commercial or industrial usage. We say that for a faster loading solution, you should use our truck mounted forklifts on any trailer for the most effective way to move waste. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with customers’ transport and loading issues, and we think you will be delighted with the truck’s load capability to get the job done in double quick time.

The advantage of our forklifts is that they can be carried on the rear of any truck or trailer. In Liverpool, Moffett trailer hire is perfect for the industrial or commercial sector. Many companies make use of our forklift hire which many businesses see as a great alternative to purchasing a unit. Our customers appreciate our forklifts which are carried on the rear of a trailer, offering a perfect solution for deliveries or collection. Our truck mounted forklifts are can be mounted on the rear of articulated trucks and then easily dismounted to start work.

Try us for a Moffett Trailer in Liverpool and discover how ideal they are for lifting heavy loads and pallets in warehouses or showrooms. By using our mounted forklifts, you’ll discover how your business starts to function more effectively. Contact The Moffett Man if you would like more information about our Moffett trailer hire. We have an impressive range of Moffett forklifts which are available for immediate use.  We also think that you will also be pleased with our affordable rates.