Moffett Trailer Hire in Ellesmere Port


Moffett Trailer Hire in Ellesmere PortIf you are looking for Moffett trailer hire in Ellesmere Port then we are the company to use. Trailer hire with a forklift is ideal for all forms of waste management from smaller collections that are carried out every so often to regular large loads collected daily. Waste management is a growing industry and happily more people are recycling their waste. Our trailer with the fork lift truck can manage all types of waste from the food and drink industry to commercial and industrial waste. The fork lift truck is a nimble and agile machine which can go anywhere.  It is a three wheeler which makes turning and manoeuvring easy even over very rough terrain.

If you are collecting any waste material in Ellesmere Port, Moffett trailer hire and fork lift will cut your work time immeasurably.  You no longer need labourers to carry the items to the transport where weight can be a problem.  Our nifty little machine and trailer can handle loads many times the weight that a man can. Our machine can have different forks fitted for specialist waste products so that you can choose the type that will best suit your individual requirements. When you recycle in this way you are helping the environment and are keeping large amounts of waste product out of the landfill sites.

Moffett trailer hire in Ellesmere Port is affordable and designed for use with the Moffett fork lift truck.  Contact The Moffett Man today and book our trailer for collection of all kinds of waste products. The trailer is designed to allow the fork lift truck to be attached to the back so that it does not take up any space in the trailer. This allows you to load the trailer full of waste and then pop the fork lift truck onto the back. Our trailers save time and money by being quick and efficient.  We hire them out by the day if you only need one from time to time or we can have one for you on a daily or weekly basis.